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Design and create diferent types of Beautiful Photo Mosaics, for free!!!

See video to get the idea why you would like to generate your own mosaic!

Try it out, you can generate and share your mosaic art for free!!

IT have never been easier to create mosaic art!

You dont even need to have large amount of pictures, perfect mosaic system will find pictures on internet for you!

All you need to do to get your mosaic is

1. Select base

Upload picture that you want to create mosaic art from

2. Add Small pixel images

Enter search word that system will use to find pixel images (you can provide your images as alternative)

3. Generate mosaic

Generate mosaic by selecting mosaic type you want to go with, fine tune it or go with default options

4. View your mosaic

View and share your mosaic for free!

Generate advanced mosaic without cell image alteration...

Our safisticated matching system allows to generate mosaic images without alteration of the cell images, but by just combining them to assemble larger image..

Or create mosaic by slightly altering cell image color shade...

To achive gratter effect, system can analize base image and slightly alter the cell image color shade. This allows to achive outstanding image effects and generates great mosaics!

Draw cell images over the base image and avoid pixelization of your mosaic...

If pixelized style is not for you, there is possibility to design your mosaic by drawing over cell images


What We Offer

Smart image search

Dont worry if you have not enough images, system will find images for you based on search keywords you provide

Smart image resizing

System reszes images without cutting them and preserves their integrity

Upload images from hard drive

Upload mosaic pixel elements from your hard drive

Fine tune your mosaic

System pregenerates sample and allows to change various mosaic parametres to achive the best satisfaction

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